For over 40 years, many high technologies industries have developed some managerial competency for “MAKE DO” through outsourcing human’s resources.

An externalization which designs the transfer of all organization’s functions or a part to an externals partners.

This partnership is identified for all sectors of activities through which the contractors have developed advantageous and important available solutions :

In terms of humans resources with immediate high competencies levels

Cost and time duration depending to the contractor’s projects

Availabilities and appropriate skills for all activities sectors

Important flexibility and easy solutions for all contractors

The new business start-up of the company DEP-JLEC ” Design Electrical Power Jacques Ly Electric “ vocation is to develop an engineering activities exclusively for the electrical energy market sector, in order to reinforce the clients engineering teams.

DEP-JLEC is also working for electronic audio tube amplifier designs.

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21 frédéric mistral

69300 caluire et cuire

06 66 09 26 33

the company DEP-JLEC is present today on the two main professional social networks :

Well, that’s for an amazing and luxury target for quality services, DEP-JLEC was launched in 2014 in the Rhône-Alpes region with the ambition to offer quality services.

DEP-JLEC It is 5 years of experience in field construction more than 10 years of experiments in engineering electrical engineering

At your disposal for all needs

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