About us

The company DEP-JLEC was created with the main target closely to the founder vocation, LY Jacques electrical engineer of the school CNAM « Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers » of Paris.

In a few words, DEP-JLEC has the will to share pleasure and leisure while accomplishing a profession of technical excellence.
A know-how that has been built through very beautiful projects in energy and defence business.
The adventure of the company DEP-JLEC builds itself constantly on the work experience of the founder from over 18 years

5 years

Experiences abroad (Europe, Africa, Asia, USA)
Construction site experience – Commissioning
Complete technical culture (mechanics, automation, power electronics …)
Responsibility for several million euros
Special machines

More than 13 years

Consulting, study and expertise (Pre-study, costing, design, writing technical specification, project management …)
Technical support (Technical support before and after sales.)
Testing, qualification and integration (Qualification, testing and integration of sub-assembly equipment and commissioning …)
Technical and human management (12 years in design office study with a management of a technical team.)

Contact & Links

21 frédéric mistral
69300 caluire et cuire
06 66 09 26 33

the company DEP-JLEC is present today on the two main professional social networks :

Well, that’s for an amazing and luxury target for quality services, DEP-JLEC was launched in 2014 in the Rhône-Alpes region with the ambition to offer quality services.

DEP-JLEC It is 5 years of experience in field construction more than 10 years of experiments in engineering electrical engineering

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